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500m range


Rent more and pay less!

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10 - 25 pieces


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30 - 75 pieces



80 - 110 pieces



Who are we

SilentDiscoDelft Koen - SilentDiscoDelft

Koen van Duijn

Marketing Administration

Two brothers with a passion for music, fun and beer. And therefore regularly found at large and small festivals!

At festivals you can’t ignore it; the silent disco. In all its shapes and sizes. We thought this concept could be perfectly applied in living rooms with thin walls, gardens full of joy and busy congresses and fairs. Yes, also in the Delft region! To arrange that for you, we went online in June 2020 with our own rental.

Silent Disco Delft

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SilentDiscoDelft Daan - SilentDiscoDelft

Daan van Duijn




After a request, we will send you a quote with the possibilities. If you agree with the quotation, we will send an invoice. We reserve the headphones. If the invoice is paid within a week, they are reserved for you. If you do not pay, the headphones go back online for rent.


Are headphones broken? Let us know! We do not charge anything if there is damage due to wear. Is there damage because nothing to do with wear you pay repair costs up to a maximum of €40,-. If a transmitter is broken, this can be up to €60,-.


Do you want to cancel the headphones after agreement? Then you pay a percentage of the agreed amount. • Between four and three weeks before the agreed date: 15%; • Between two weeks and one week before the agreed date: 30%; • Within 7 till 4 days before the agreed date: 50%; • Within 3 days before the agreed date: 75%.


Our equipment is very easy to connect. On our site you can find a manual and it can also be found on the inside of the box in which we supply the headphones. If you do not succeed? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Each transmitter has 1 input for an audio source.

We supply 2 connection cables per transmitter as standard. From tulip to jack, and from tulip to tulip, this allows the connection of mobiles, tablets, laptops and other automotive equipment.

With our application form there is also the possibility to rent adapter cables from jack to Iphone and from jack to USB-C.

The transmitters only have 1 input. If you want to use an audio source and a microphone, a small mixer should be connected between them.

The shipment costs 20 euros. The costs are so high because we create a shipping label to send the headphones to your place but also a label which can be used to send the headphones back to us. 

We do not work with a deposit. You pay the amount stated in our offer. If you agree, you will receive an invoice. If you pay the invoice, the headphones are reserved for you!

We deliver the headphones fully charged. The battery life is about 10 hours, long enough to throw a nice party!

We deliver the headphones in a wooden box. In the lid of the box there is a user manual for connecting the headphones.


  • Charged Headphones
  • Spare headphones
  • Transmitters
  • AC adapters for transmitter
  • Connection cables for tulip and for jack
  • Possible adapter cables (can be ordered separately)
  • Possible chargers (for rental for several days)

Let us know as soon as headphones stop working. The batteries may no longer work due to wear. If headphones are broken which has nothing to do with wear, repair costs will be charged.

When renting headphones, we always include a number of spare headphones.


We can be found at Rotterdamseweg 370A13 in Delft. If you want to pick up the headphones, make an appointment by mail or telephone. We are not present every day;)

Our availability page shows when headphones are still available. If there is nothing in the agenda, then all 110 are still available!