What are DiscoPoints?

At SilentDiscoDelft you can save DiscoPoints!

When creating an account, leaving a review or simply placing a reservation, DiscoPoints are built up in your account.

These DiscoPoints can be used for a discount during the checkout process.

Hoppa, that’s easy money!


To keep track of all DiscoPoints it is important to have an account.


Earn DiscoPoints

You can earn DiscoPoints with the following three actions:

Every euro spent → 1 DiscoPoint

Create account → 20 DiscoPoints

Leave review with product → 30 DiscoPoints

What is a DiscoPoint worth?

Have you rented Silent Disco from us before and saved DiscoPoints and do you want to use them for a discount?

Make sure you are logged in during the checkout process.

You will automatically be given an opportunity to use the DiscoPoints for a discount.

Value DiscoPoint

10 DiscoPoints = 1 euro discount

In other words, you get a standard discount on your next order.

Create an account and leave a review to get more DiscoPoints!

How many DiscoPoints do I have?​

Have you rented Silent Disco from us before and are you curious how many DiscoPoints you have collected?

Log in to your account and click on the DiscoPoints tab on the left.

You will now see an overview of when and how many DiscoPoints you have received and spent.