The extra options can be added to our standard packages or to the application form.

Microphone for a Transmitter

During the ordering process you can choose to rent a microphone with our standard packages.

If you make use of this, we supply the TX-60RF transmitters. These transmitters have a 3.5mm jack microphone connection.

If you have a 3.5mm jack microphone yourself, you can also connect it yourself. Please indicate this in the order comments so that we know that we must include the TX-60RF transmitter(s).

Smoke machine

Do you want to make disco lights more visible? Then rent a smoke machine. We rent small 500W smoke machines. These are powerful enough to supply small rooms with smoke.

The smoke machine is supplied filled with smoke fluid. This makes it a matter of letting the machine warm up for a few minutes and then supplying the dance hall with smoke.


If you fill a room full of smoke with smoke detectors, they will go off!

Silent Disco Delft is not liable for any costs after a fire alarm.

Simple discobulbs - 2 pieces

Do you want to turn your living room into a dance floor? Then rent some simple disco balls.

We supply two disco balls with a standard E27 fitting. These can be plugged into the socket with the supplied adapter, but can also be screwed into an E27 fitting. This allows you to turn hanging lamps with an E27 fitting into disco lamps.

Laser lamp

Complete your party with a laser lamp.

We rent out small laser lamps with red and green laser beams that provide some extra atmosphere during the party. The laser beams are visible on the walls as red and green dots.

If you also want to be able to see the laser beams well, rent a smoke machine as well!

The extra options can be added to our standard packages or to the application form.