Step 1

Most of the time the headphones are supplied in a wooden box.Β 

In the box, the transmitters are in separate black bags. Connect the transmitters with the power cable. Plug the desired cable (RCA-RCA or RCA-3.5mm) into the transmitter via the RCA input (red-white connection).

Are you having an indoor party? Set the transmitter on the back to Low (less distance but stronger). Do you have an outdoor party? Alse nice! Set the transmitter to High (range up to 500m).

On the front of the transmitter you can choose from what channel (1,2 of 3) it will send the output of your device.

Step 2

Connect your mobile, tablet, laptop or DJ equipment to the transmitter using the supplied cables. A RCA – 3.5mm cable and a RCA – RCA cable for DJ equipment are included as standard.

Play music on your device!

Do you have an iPhone or a mobile with only a USB-C connection? No problem! We always put extra adapters with the transmitters to connect the mobile phones.Β 

Step 3

Grab a headphone and turn it on with the on and off button.

On one side there is a button to choose between channel 1, 2 or 3. All channels also have their own color; Magenta, Yellow and Cyan. The colors also become visible on the auricle so you can see who is listening to which channel while dancing.

On the other side of the headphones is a volume button that can turn the volume up and down.

It’s really that simple. You’re all set for the party! Choose your favorite channel and go swinging!