Standard Packages

Below are our standard package prices. Do you want a custom request?

Then fill in our request form.

Request Form

Do you want a custom order or want to use the headphones for multiple days. Let us know!


Below you can check the availability of the headphones. If there is planned nothing on a day it means that all the headphones are still available!



After a request, we will send you a quote with the possibilities. If you agree with the quotation, we will send an invoice. We reserve the headphones. If the invoice is paid within a week, they are fixed for you. If you do not pay, the headphones go back online for rent.


Are headphones broken? Let us know! We do not charge anything if there is damage due to wear. Is there damage because nothing to do with wear you pay repair costs up to a maximum of €40,-. If a transmitter is broken, this can be up to €60,-.


Do you want to cancel the headphones after agreement? Then you pay a percentage of the agreed amount. • Between four and three weeks before the agreed date: 15%;
• Between two weeks and one week before the agreed date: 30%;
• Within one week before the agreed date: 50%.