10 till 25 headphones + 2 Transmitters

From: 55,00

What you can expect in the big package:

A third transmitters can be rented separately.

Enter the number of people / headphones and any additional equipment below.

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Extra Transmitter

Normally we deliver 2 transmitters with small packages. Would you still like to use 3? Rent one extra.

What do you want to connect?

Since we have two different types of transmitters, we ask what device you want to use to play the music and whether there is power available on location. With this information we ensure that you get the right transmitters to easily connect everything! Click here for more information about the transmitters β†’

Huur dit standaard pakket en verdien minimaal 55 DiscoPunten!


Do you rent between 100 and 300 headphones? You pay only € 5.50 per headphone incl VAT. You get 2 channels included for free and of course all the standard connection cables. You can rent an extra transmitter for €20,-

The headphones have the three channels cyan, yellow and magenta.

Don’t you know if you have to rent adapter cables? Look here for more information β†’

Do you want more headphones. View our bigger packages here!

Do you have any questions? View our FAQ here.

Do you want a custom request or is the agenda not working properly? Make your request via our application form β†’


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